Your key advantage: Optimal customer experience

With us as your partner, you offer your customers smooth and secure payment processes that contribute to a positive customer experience and increase conversion rates. User-friendly payments across all channels and media, flexible integration of additional payment methods, and fast scalability turn the payment process into a positively perceived touch point and image factor.

Highest security standards

Our platform, tools, and solutions are fully PCI-DSS Level 1 certified and PSD2 compliant.

Effective fraud prevention

Our target-oriented risk management tools effectively and efficiently identify and prevent fraud attempts.

Global payment coverage

We offer more than 100 payment methods and over 130 currencies.

Payment as customer experience - no matter which channel

Intuitive checkouts for every payment method

Reduce purchase abandonment by offering your customers their preferred digital payment methods. Online shop, in-app payments, or subscription model - Provide intuitive payment experiences that delight and that increase conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Das Logo der E-Commerce-Software Shopify. Abbildung einer minimalistischen hellgrünen Einkaufstüte von schräg vorne mit einem dicken weißen S auf ihr. Rechts daneben steht kleingeschrieben und in schwarz shopify.
Das Logo der europäische Open-Source-E-Commerce-Plattform PrestaShop. Abbildung des Kopfes eines grapgisch erstellten Pinguins vor einem hellblauen kreisförmigen Hintergrund. Rechts daneben steht das Wort PrestaShop. Die linke Hälfte Presta ist dabei groß geschrieben und in lila. Die rechte Hälfte Shop ist ebenfalls groß geschrieben und in der Farbe rosa.
Logo des Open-Source-Onlineshop-System osCommerce. Es besteht aus drei schräg hintereinander gestellten farbigen Kugeln. Diese sind in den Farben von vorne nach hinten grün blau rot. Rechts danben steht in schwarz das Wort osCommerce geschrieben. Der linke Teil os ist dabei in dünnem schwarz und klein geschrieben. Der rechte Teil Commerce ist in starkem schwarz und groß geschrieben. Darunter stehen die Worte Open Source E-Commerce. Alle sind in dünnem schwarz und groß geschrieben.
Das Logo des freien Onlineshop-Systems OpenCart. In hellblauer Schrift steht kleingeschrieben und in dicken abgerundeten Buchstaben opencart. Rechts daneben befindet sich ebenfalls in hellblau eine sehr minimalistische Skizze eines Einkaufwagens.
Logo der Onlineshop-Software Magento. Es besteht aus einem orangenen Sechseck. Das obere Viertel des Sechseckes ist in einem hellerem orange gegenüber dem Rest. In diesem befindet sich ein eckiges, kryptisches M in weiß. Rechts daneben steht großgeschrieben in schwarzer Schrift Magento.
Logo des Online-Shop-Management-Systems Zen Cart. Es besteht aus einem kleinen orangenem Punkt. Um diesen Punkt herum gehen vier strahlenartige orangene Striche kreisförmig geschwungen herum. Rechts daneben steht in schwarzer Schrift Zen Card deutsch. Die Wörter Zen und Card sind fett und großgeschrieben. Das Wort deutsch ist kleingeschrieben.
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Das Logo des freien Plug-in WooCommerce für WordPress. Es besteht aus einer lila Sprechblase in dieser ist in dicken weißen Versalien Woo geschrieben. Rechts daneben steht in dicken schwarzen Versalien das Wort Commerce.
Das Logo des Online-Shopsystem Shopware. Abbildung besteht aus einem minimalistischen hellbaluen, dicken, großen Buchstaben C und einem hellblauen Klecks an der Öffnung des Buchstaben C. Rechts daneben steht kleingeschreiben, ebenfalls in hellblau mit abgerunden Buchstaben, das Wort shopware.

All digital payment methods


We help you to establish your online marketplace in a compliant manner and to integrate the various payment methods.

In-app payments

Whether you sell digital content or are active in e-commerce. With our payment solutions, you can accept all relevant payment types.

Subscription models

Establish recurring payments (recurring billing) for your subscription services. Ideal for websites, apps, or call center solutions.

Web shop integration

Benefit from easy, flexible integration into your web shop system: from standard shop plugins to software development kits for customized implementations.

QR code

Create a QR code and share it via SMS, e-mail, messenger, or at the point-of-sale.

Pay by link

Every channel becomes your checkout. Create a payment link and share it via SMS, messenger, email, etc.

Point-of-sale solutions

Optimal customer journeys through positive payment experiences

Cashless payments have become a service standard and a key success factor in the customer journey. Our contactless, stationary, wireless, and mobile reading devices offer your customers full payment flexibility and guarantee fast and easy payment transactions.

Connect your point-of-sale systems and data. Integrate your point-of-sale systems across all locations, easily process payments across multiple devices and systems, make refunds, and collect customer data.

Payment by QR code

Mobile payments – fast, easy, and everywhere

Paying digitally everywhere and at any time has never been so easy and fast. There are no limits to what you can do: Display a QR code at the point-of-sale, online, or out-of-home. A payment link opens on the mobile device of your customers, who then select their preferred payment method. Once the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation in your system.

Display QR code
Display payment methods and select preferred payment method
Display payment confirmation

Are you ready for the
payment future?

Solutions for marketplaces and platforms

Buy and sell internationally - currency-diversified and compliant with regulations

Manage your global marketplace or platform centrally. Payouts and bank transfers can be made easily and quickly in the currencies you or your customers prefer. Country-specific regulations and guidelines are automatically taken into account.

Merchant management
Risk management toolkit
Revenue optimization
Webhooks & tokenization
Dashboards & analytics

Helpful features for each step

1. Set up

Integrate our API and start working with us.

  • » Configure API
  • » Define settings
  • » Perform test runs
2. Verify

Your platform users log in and are verified.

  • » Real-time KYC and status updates
  • » Real-time sanction checks
3. Optimize

Users can accept and optimize sales.

  • »  Online, mobile, and point-of-sale payments
  • »  Configure risk checks and settings
4. Payout

When the money comes in, it needs to get to your users.

  • » Distribute and transfer funds across accounts
  • » Instant payout to cards or directly to bank accounts
  • » Automatically set or API-initiated payouts
Payment monitoring and management

Overview of all payment data

With your individual dashboard, you receive real-time and detailed analyses of all payment flows and sales. This allows you to control and optimize all payment processes at any time, make chargebacks, and request payouts. You can also identify unusual payments and immediately contact our risk analysts.

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